Meet the Team

We started this company to make a real life flying experience without the cost of a private pilot’s license. We wanted to fly as if being in a fighter jet, while still standing on the ground.
The Thanics Halo drone was born.
— Andrew Loomis, Chief Design Engineer



Allison Bowman, CEO

Allison loves physics, nanotechnology and materials science. He is an Intel Science & Engineering Fair finalist for his work in Phosphorene nanoelectronics. He is an aspiring entrepreneur looking to bring his industry-changing ideas to market.



Andrew Loomis, Chief Design Engineer

Andrew is the chief designer of the look and feel of our products, and designs the electronics and mechanical components underneath. He loves electronics, 3D printing, building and flying things.



Darius lukas, chief software engineer

Darius has been programming robots in C++ since he was 10 years old. He is very skilled in embedded firmware development, and is the chief programmer for the Thanics Halo. Darius also runs on cinnamon rolls.