The first semi-autonomous, 360 video capturing drone

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Sunset captured on Thanics Halo. #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

This drone can fly itself

With its array of ultrasonic sensors, the Thanics Halo™ can interpret the world around itself, significantly increasing the ease of flight. The protective outer shroud, interactive handles with propeller guards, 360 camera and full sphere awareness are all reasons you should choose Halo.


The First 360 Camera Drone Gimbal

The camera gimbal on Halo retracts using servo motors during landing and storage, and deploys during flight to align the gimbal motor axes to the camera's center of mass, increasing image stability.


Ultrasonic Sensor Array

Halo is equipped with 16 ultrasonic sensors, three in each quadrant facing sideways, two facing downwards, and two facing upwards. This sensor array allows Halo to sense the world around itself, avoiding crashes and improving hover accuracy.

Experience the world in 360º

With the 360º camera mounted at the front of this drone, you will never miss a shot, because you are always capturing everything around the drone. As you fly, you can use your smartphone with VR goggles to connect to the controller to experience flying as if you were in cockpit.


Carbon Fiber Skin

Halo is manufactured with an ABS 3D printed interior and a carbon fiber skin. This allows the drone to have sufficient detail for electronics mounting, and also be lightweight and durable with the carbon fiber skin.


Innovative Hybrid Controller

This is a controller that will let you do things while your drone films you. Fly with the controller strapped to your arm, using your voice or touchscreen to control the drone, or fly traditionally with two thumbs and joysticks.