Controller Preview

Here is a concept rendering of the Halo arm mounted controller:




More information to come tomorrow,

-Darius Lukas, Chief Software Engineer 

Halo Development Update #02

In the past two weeks, we have made a lot of progress on the more detailed design of Halo, including the battery with LED capacity display and headlights and taillights for anti-collision lighting and for easier orientation when flying.

In addition, we have have been doing more in depth testing of the propulsion systems on Halo, including different propeller parameters testing and thrust testing.

We have been making a lot of progress and are still on track for a late 2016 release. Next week we will give an update from our chief software engineer about the progress of the Halo software.

-Andrew Loomis, Chief Design Engineer

Halo Development Update #01

Today we are proud to announce Halo, the world's safest and easiest-to-fly drone, ever. Our team has been working diligently towards the goal of developing a drone different than all others on the market. Halo is a safe, cool-looking, semi-autonomous quadcopter that will make you love flying. The greatest difference between Halo and its competition is that Halo has full sphere awareness from its ultrasonic sensors around the drone, allowing it to avoid obstacles and comprehend the world around itself, making flying easier than ever. Another striking difference is that Halo has no center! Unlike current quadcopters with all hardware in the center of the drone, Halo has all of its hardware distributed throughout the outer shroud.

We made this design decision for two reasons: to make a quadcopter that looks completely different from the competition and since Halo was going to be the safest drone ever, we needed to have an outer protective shroud anyways, so why not use the space for electronics?

Throughout the next few months, the Thanics team will continue working on this design and we will release the drone for Pre-Orders later this year. We are extremely excited to deliver this drone to the public and can't wait to see how you like it.

- Andrew Loomis, Chief Design Engineer