Halo Development Update #05: App Development

Hello, I am David Peterson, the Software Engineer spearheading the The Thanics Halo™ iOS App. This program is moving forwards very quickly, and has much to offer! This new addition will provide flight logs, 360 Photo library, and live FPV cockpit from the Drone!

The logs will have time, duration, notes, photos and more for the user to be able to keep track of everything that occurred on the flight.

My vision for this App is truly based around the 360 photo and Live First Person View, or also known as FPV. With the library portion of the App, you will be able to view all previous photos and videos you have recorded using your Ricoh Theta S. The cockpit will allow the pilot to access the Ricoh Theta's 360 video, telemetry, and options about how the drone functions and works. 

This design is still in development, making the possibility for more features endless. Encrypted data transfer, Supporting other phone/mobile platforms, WiFi hotspot connections, adjustments of the cameras features such as aperture, toggle between photo and video, updating Halo Via the App, and much more to come

All of these exciting new functions will allow a pilot to fly easier, and in newer ways than ever thought before. 

-David Peterson, Software Engineer